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SuperUser Account 642 View 2014-10-13 0 Comments Vestibulum ante is a professional website design and development company, fulfilling our clients needs and requirements.we can provide professional dotnetnuke web design, web development and graphic design services for your company,

We're perfectionists, focus on the website's accessibility and standard,we can provide professional skin design and the W3C compliant skin, trusted results in specific time frames and of course support until you’re 100% satisfied, are the main characteristics of our work.

We focus on the website's accessibility and standard,we can provide professional skin design and the W3C compliant skin

We can customize the skin with featers below:

1.The solo professional business client and server custom theme skin pack in the dotnetnuke skin market now.
Using it, the visitors of your website can change the current page color and style themselves on the client.
 Absolute client skin, When you change the skin on the client,PostBack will not be performed.the page will
not reloaded and will not leave the blank page to the vistors.Its not only the client custom theme skin ,
but also can be used on the server.The website administrator can set the different skin on the server.

2.W3C standard compliant web accessible skin fully accessible designs and layouts. helps to make your
 Web site accessible regardless of the browser, resolution, device; etc. Search engine placement can
 rise increase income through the web site.
3.Free cssmenu skin object included in the skin pack,generate the html code which can be validated with w3c
4.Three width layout supported, Small, Medium and Maximum width layout included.

5.Three text size supported, Small, Medium and Maximum text size included.

65.Bannercontainer is used to add the banner on the page anywhere dynamically through containers,
When we put forward the idea of bannercontainer, We think the bannercontainer will provide your powerful
skin banner feature, the banner of your skin will not be unchanged and unbeweglich any more it will help
 you use or abandon the banner easier in the page,you can use different banner in the same page.

You can view it below: It's not same as the traditional container,it has the Minimum Height which can ensure
the visual effects,but the height is not fixed,it's self-adaptation .

7.Simple sitemap only for the site user, help the website vistor find out all the pages and the site structure
<img src=""> through simple vertical menu.

8.100% pure css or html table layout as your request

9.All the products fully tested with IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera

10.We guarantee that the skin you customized at will be fully supported,

DotNetNuke outsourcing services:
Convert any website design into dotnetnuke skin,
Convert any PSD, PNG, JPG, GIF into dnn skins,
Custom skin design based on your logo, graphics or business type.
Dotnetnuke website graphics, image header, flash banner, logo design etc.

Customize dnn core module or any standard module functions,
Convert any static, asp, php website into DotNetNuke site 

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