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1 Great Color : Current skin pack contains one blue color
6 Background Options : Black \ Color \ Gray \ ImageColor \ ImageGray \ White
W3C standard XHTML compliant skin : Fully accessible designs and layouts.
3 Width Options : Small Wdith \ Medium Width \ Full Width
3 text sizes Supported :10px \ 12px \ 14px,Default 12px, changing on the client
3 skin objects : theme \ layout \ cssmenu
1 SiteMap and 1 SiteAdmin Skin included
13 Color  Banner Container Options
19 Containers All the containers can be validated with the W3C
236 Skins included


Fully tested with Minimize


Valid CSS!      Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional

Great job Minimize

Great job

Great job, at least some people aware of the value of XHTML and W3C compliance in the DNN Community...

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very well thought Minimize

Very well thought

This is a very well thought out and executed skin. This is by far the best skin I've come across. The skin package is not only...

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very happy Minimize

Very Happy

I am very happy with the help and support provided by this seller. I love the product and will buy more in the future. Thank you.

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very impressed Minimize

Very impressed

I am very impressed with the Skin pack. I've tested them on screens from palmtop to large lcd, on MSIE, Firefox and Opera...

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